Low intensity vibration treatment

Marodyne LiV stands for low intensity vibration, the latest treatment that is medically approved for safe and effective treatment of osteoporosis, muscle weakness (sarcopenia) and other disorders where muscle strength and nerve activity are compromised. By addressing osteoporosis and muscle weakness, low intensity vibration can assist in falls prevention and can help ease mobility problems associated with Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis.

The key aspects of Marodyne LiV treatment

  • Proven results, medically approved, backed by substantial independent, peer reviewed research
  • Builds/strengthens core muscles
  • Builds high-quality bone substance/improves bone density
  • Promotes bone quality in order to reduce the risk of fractures
  • Treatment for osteoporosis without medication
  • Stimulates metabolism to boost bones and muscles
  • Supports postural stability, balance and coordination – assists in falls prevention
  • Reassigns stem cell, (MSC’s) back to bone cell formation – as when we were younger
  • Suppresses stem cell formation of new fat
  • Fully approved under the Medical Devices Directive (MDD)
  • Approved for use at home


What is so special about it?

A unique aspect of the Marodyne LiV which sets it apart from other therapies are the finely controlled vibrations which ensure a high degree of safety and tolerance by users. By perfecting the safe delivery of these fine vibrations, Marodyne LiV has made the benefits of low intensity vibration accessible to everyone, including vulnerable people such as the elderly, infirm, disabled and those incapacitated by disease or pain.

Safe and reliable

The Marodyne LiV treatment system works at a frequency of 30 Hz. A stimulus of 0.4 g is applied to the bottom of the feet, around 0.1 g is released into the leg area and 0.3 g is passed on to the hips and spinal column. These stimuli are completely natural and mimic the vibration of muscles in a young, healthy body.

These vibrations are delivered at a very low amplitude of between 0.05 mm  and 0.2 mm, this level of stimulus has been scientifically proven to activate and build up the cells of bones and muscles. The Marodyne LiV device calibrates every time it is used to ensure it adjusts automatically for each person who uses it.

Building up bone substance and muscle performance

Studies have proved that a considerable increase in bone mineral density can be achieved. For example, women with a low body mass index (BMI) – a group that is especially at risk from fractures – have been shown in research by Rubin, Recker et al. (2004) to gain a relative increase in bone mineral density in the lumbar spine of 1.5% and in the thigh bone (where it meets the hip bone) of 2.2% after one year. These figures show that Marodyne LiV treatment can achieve similar gains as drugs – but without any of the side effects or concerns associated with taking medication. (1)

Objective 1: reduce the risk of osteoporosis by building bone density and improving bone quality – particularly in the spinal column and hip areas which are at most risk.

Objective 2: reduce the risk of falling by building up the calf muscles to counteract the reduction in muscle performance (sarcopenia) in the lower leg.



1  Rubin C, Recker R, Cullen D, Ryaby ,J McCabe J, McLeod K. Journal of bone and mineral research (2004). Prevention of postmenopausal bone loss by a low-magnitude, high-frequency mechanical stimuli: a clinical trial assessing compliance, efficacy, and safety.



Marodyne LiV