Create a healthier workplace

Create a healthier workplace

Employees are increasingly being negatively influenced by physical and psychological factors in the workplace, these can lead to employee unhappiness and affect performance. On average, office employee spend 6.5 hours in front of their computers – sitting.
In the long run, the lack of exercise caused by sitting for long periods of time can pose health risks such as:

  • Back pain
  • herniated disc
  • osteoporosis
  • diabetes
  • weight gain
  • high blood pressure

Therefore support the trend towards more fitness and prevention at the workplace and prevent health risks by sitting too long at the workplace with Marodyne LiV 10 minutes a day.

The workplace offers many possibilities for preventing illness. As an innovative company, the health of your employees is close to your heart. Increase the efficiency and concentration of your employees. Blood circulation and bone or muscle growth are stimulated by the low-intensity vibrations of Marodyne LiV. The body experiences the same stimulation, which corresponds to running 18 kilometres in 10 minutes.

Marodyne LiV requires little space, is easy to use even in an office outfit – shoes off and off you go.

Marodyne LiV offers the possibility of actively promoting health at the workplace and preventing health risks – for a better quality of life, less downtime and lower medical costs.

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