Osteoporosis treatment

Osteoporosis treatment

Safe & effective treatment for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones. The underlying mechanism is an imbalance between bone formation and bone resorption, which leads to a high risk of Low intensity vibration (LIV) is a- safe and effective non-drug intervention to correct this imbalance and treat osteoporosis.

Benefits of Marodyne LiV

Marodyne LiV is safe and usable by anyone – elderly, untrained, children, deconditioned, injured, disabled, or as a preventive measure by the fit & healthy.

Indications for use

– Safe and effective treatment of osteoporosis
– Maintaining and increasing bone mineral density (BMD)
– Building muscle strength & muscle mass in the leg s
– Stimulate blood circulation & lymphatic flow
– Improve balance, postura land co-ordination
– No contra-indications
– No side-effects
– Meets all requirements of ISO2631: mechanical vibration
Certfied as a class IIa medical device
increase bone density in children and young people

Bone responds to both large low frequency and small high frequency forces. These forces enable bone to grow and stay healthy. The device provides a very precise low level vibration (0,4g) which is transmitted at a high
frequency (30Hz) to the person on the device. Precise Low Intensity Vibration mimics the small high frequency forces exerted by muscles onto the bone. This stimulates osteoblast (bone builder) activity while inhibiting osteoclast (bone resorbing) activity.

Research has shown that Low Intensity Vibration delivers mechanical signals to the skeleton. This signal also have a A 1-year placebo-controlled research study of postmenopausal women demonstrated that low-level vibration effectively inhibit bone loss in the spine and femur.

Another study showed that short bouts of LIV increased bone and muscle mass in the weight-bearing skeleton of young adult females with low BMD.

A third study in a large group of women over 60 years or age showed a significant reduction in falls and fractures in the group that used LIV compared to a normal exercise group. Based on these scientific findings and other research the LIV device has been developed as a non-drug treatment to fight osteoporosis.

Treatment with Marodyne LiV is safe and effective for osteoporosis built on a foundation of basic and applied science

The mechanism of Marodyne LiV on maintaining or growing bone mineral density is achieved in part by activating osteoblast activity (bone builders) and inhibiting osteoclast activity (bone resorbing). Research has also shown that Marodyne LiV promotes mesenchymal stem cell differentiation towards osteoblasto genesis (bone formation) and away from adipo genesis (fat formation).


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